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"a escrita é a minha primeira morada de silêncio" |Al Berto

sábado, 10 de setembro de 2011


There's a big road behind me, I've been driving for hours now. I'm looking for an alternative road, but there's only this familiar one ahead.

Sometimes, I see trees, some shade for a while. Spring is starting, they will bloom soon.

I will look for a place to spend the night, sleep, think the map through. I see a small hotel ahead, I'll try that one!

When I get there, no rooms available. For such a small town, this is such a bad luck! And a sudden rain starts pounding outside! I can't believe it! I take a deep breath and I tell myself I have to keep going and I grab my stuff to get outside...

The phone rings while I'm looking at the rain. The lady behind the counter calls me back. A last minute cancelation! After all, one can have a cosy night when least expected...!

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