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"a escrita é a minha primeira morada de silêncio" |Al Berto

sexta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2011

Changing seasons

Your face keeps showing up in my mind. Unexpectedly. Right now, as I'm going home.

Had a laugh with the girls, talking about silly serious things.

I'm going home and I feel like grabing the phone and tell you about my day, about how it feels good to be thursday, about how I was feeling tired yesterday, and how a few hours out in this grumpy summer made me recharge.

The summer seems autumn sometimes, maybe the summer is getting confused.

Or maybe the seasons are just changing for real. Maybe that's good, I don't know...

Sometimes it's hard to leave summer and embrace autumn... But season's have always come and gone...and they are changing... Are they................?

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