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"a escrita é a minha primeira morada de silêncio" |Al Berto

sábado, 13 de dezembro de 2014


Foto: www.pixabay.com

Bound to Earth
That was how I woke up
One day, feeling lost
Not knowing why!
All of the sudden
The memories
Were no longer lost
I remembered everything
How I used to fly
And I used to be one with you
And the Universe was hoe
Now I’me here
No recolection of my elder tongue
My eyes hurt for not seeing
My ears hollow for lack of use
All my body hurts
Feeling the soul pounding from whitin
My thought wants to let
Her scream out
But she’s afraid the world won’t listen!

Lost within myself
Only one thing to do:
I kneel
And say that old prair
Only you and I know
You listen
And you answer
‘Cause you are me
And I am you.
I remember.
I want to go back.
Here I am.
I want to go home.
Ready to leave all the rest
You are in me.
I am in you.

3 comentários:

  1. O meu Inglês já teve melhores dias...mas o texto é muito bom!


  2. Going back to where we belong...
    A beautiful and sensible poem, Isa.
    It touches something very deep.

  3. A real battle! Mystic... ...enchanted maybe! ...for sure, beautiful!!!


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